African Art

African art, whatever form it takes, is an important aspect of African culture, with a well-defined and homogeneous specificity. Even if the artworks are made by artists from different parts of the continent, they speak of common traditions and beliefs centred on human life. And they intrinsically complement Africa’s rich cultural heritage.
Venda Art products are part of the best represented art in Africa. Sculptures, more specifically, hand carvings, in solid wood (most of the time) and using traditional tools. That’s why, whether we’re talking about the smallest figurines or the largest 2D or 3D works, we’re talking about the same thing: original and authentic African tribal art. Something that is on the verge of extinction nowadays.
The innovation of Venda Art lies in the fact that we preserve the African tradition, through the multiple styles of carving, depending on the tribes to which the carvers belong (Maasai, Makonde etc. or from the island of Zanzibar), but at the same time offer functionality and utility to the artwork created.
Thus, Venda Art luxury furniture, created by the latest generation of African sculptors who are part of our team, is the perfect combination of African tradition, English design and European guarantee.
Which is why we are convinced that every piece of African traditional art we offer is well represented and will become a long-term investment in the excellent way it is showcased.