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Following a lengthy and creative process, the hand-carved wooden lamps, with a specific African
pattern, fulfil a mission above other similar products on the market.
Chronicling Africa, traditional African art to be precise, the Makonde tribe to which our talented
carvers belong and originality. African patterned lamps are refined to the British quality and
standards that goes into every piece of unique art we offer.
Ebony is the main material used, a dense, type of wood that is carved from a single piece and is
gradually transformed in a unique and modern design. Following a long creative process, the hand-
carved lamps become the central attractive element in any room in which they are placed, being an
interesting combination of refinement and functionality.
The light envelops the hard-won but precise details of each product and highlights them, along with
the cultural heritage we make accessible. One can be assured that any of these products is also a
long-term investment.