Side Tables

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When it comes to luxury furniture pieces, decorative, hand-carved, one-piece (ebony) wooden
coffee tables are definitely a good choice. For those who love African tribal art, of course!
Useful in any room and decorative at the same time, they are available in varied and typical designs,
carved in the specific styles of the tribes to which our talented African artists belong.
These predominant styles in the collection are Makonde and Diavoli, totally different yet with the
same African cultural imprint. More specifically, the Makonde style evokes family life in the tribe,
with the central figure being the “mother” around whom the other members revolve. And the
Diavoli style is a style of sculpture that is achieved through a trance into which the artist enters, the
forms that are found in the model being in accordance with the images that the artist perceives
during the special state of creation.
This explains the unique design, modern and timeless at the same time, of every single piece of
craftsmanship obtained, beyond the finesse of the details obtained through talent and experience.
It is a challenge, every time, to achieve a special combination of beauty, exotic story and utility
through these products we offer. Making the choice of investing in such a piece of luxury, African-
British quality furniture becomes functional art and a long-term asset.