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By definition, mahogany is a noble wood, regardless of the species of mahogany in the world, and it is used in extremely many ways.
For our part, we have chosen African mahogany for the creation of large, imposing pieces of luxury furniture because this species of mahogany allows carving in one piece. True, carving is laborious, especially as it is done by hand and with traditional tools by our African artists. But the results are not only impressive, they stand the test of time.
The material is an exotic hardwood with an extremely generous trunk diameter (1.7-2 metres) that grows in a dry environment. So, it is a densely textured type of wood, remarkable for its strength and natural beauty of colour.
Then, because the hands of African artists produce sculptures, true pieces of art, meticulously and skilfully crafted.
So, mahogany fulfils its purpose as a luxury wood, crafted in authentic African style, which meets British refinement beautifully, taking the form of an armchair, coffee table or any other large piece of furniture.