Zanzibar mirror frame, hand carved in mongongo wood, Zanzibar style

Impressively sized and with a design specific to the African art of Zanzibar, the Zanzibar mirror frame is the result of the island’s most esteemed artist – Michael Mtungwa Shija.

The Zanzibar style of sculpture is special because it is found strictly on the island of Zanzibar, defined by a blend of cultures: Indian, African and Arabic, specific to Oman. And this frame brings together in symbolism, detail and size the grandeur of a genuine piece of African art.

It has taken a long time for mongongo wood to reach this form of perfection, and the value of this frame continues to rise even after it is purchased.

Because it permanently tells a story of quality, English refinement and African art that can be enjoyed endlessly by those who treasure it.

Strong short reasons to have it:

  • Unique piece of furniture
  • Unique concept
  • Special design: mix of African art and European/British design
  • High quality
  • Fine, abstract, Zanzibar-style details
  • Long-term investment

About the artwork:

  • Wood: mongongo
  • Artist: Michael Mtungwa Shija (Mike)
  • Team involved: 7 members
  • Completion time: over 14 months
  • Carving style: Zanzibar
  • Length: 214 cm (inside 173 cm)
  • Width: 179,5 cm (inside 137 cm)

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