African Heritage

African art and culture are strongly represented through each of the hand carved objects in exotic wood by our African carvers.
Luxury furniture and decorative carvings are pieces of genuine tribal art and can be said to be of equal value to African heritage objects.
To argue this point, we start with the types of material we use – types of African wood (ebony, mahogany, mongongo, mpingo, mango wood, eucalyptus wood, etc.) carved by hand, from one piece or more. Then we move on to the artists who carve them – the latest generation of carvers who know the craft of carving with traditional tools.
In the end, beyond being functional and useful, in a European concept, all Venda Art products become 100% comparable to African heritage objects. And they are of the highest quality.
But the essential point (the material, the artists and the type of carving), whether we are talking about luxury furniture pieces or decorative statues, is that our products are representative of pure African sculpture, authentic and original.

Venda Art’s luxury art is traditional in style and design, but also innovative in the way traditional African sculpture is brought to life. It’s unlike anything else on the market, in the artists who make up our team – both the sculptors and the exquisite English designers.
It’s special and specially designed for those who love African art, but who know that a product of this quality is a long-term investment, whose value is constantly increasing.
As does the satisfaction of having a unique piece of Africa in front of the eyes of someone who is in love with its richness and beauty.