Magufuli armchair carved in the Makonde style, in mongongo wood, in one piece

The late African carver who was part of our team was a master of fine, small-scale detail. This can be seen from the way he expressed life in the Makonde tribe he was part of, with many interlinked characters.

This is why the Magufuli armchair is a totally valuable, unique, unrepeatable piece of luxury furniture that preserves the sculptor’s imprint and the way he was able to express African tradition and culture in the most artistic way possible.

And to this has been added the refined and functional European design, so that it can not only be admired, but also used with respect and joy at the same time.

Strong short reasons to have it:

  • Unique piece of furniture
  • Unique concept
  • Special design: mix of African art and European/British design
  • High quality
  • Fine details expressing elements of tribal life
  • Long-term investment

About the artwork:

  • Wood: mongongo (one piece)
  • Artist: Fharasisi Amblosi (deceased)
  • Team involved: 6 members
  • Completion time: over 12 months
  • Carving style: Makonde
  • Upholstery: no
  • Normal backrest
  • Height: 96 cm
  • Width: 77 cm
  • Weight: 100 kg

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