designer’s place

If you are an artist, architect, designer, interior design or decoration specialist and you are passionate about African tribal art, our doors are open to you!

As you have already learned, the Venda Art team is made up of indigenous African sculptors and European designers.  Spearheaded by George – the creator of the concept of functional luxury African art, and his team, who are always delighted to receive collaborative and creative proposals.

We relish the challenges of solid wood or piecework sculptures, based on ingenious ideas, reinventions of African art and culture, new and novel forms of artistic manifestation of African tradition, while keeping the brand values intact.

As we offer one-of-a-kind pieces, both luxury furniture and decorative African tribal art, customization is something that is frequently requested of us. This is welcomed, as long as it is feasible. We will always adapt and meet all expectations where our pieces become the subject of an interior design style for a personal or business space (in an office, a meeting room, etc.).

And since imagination has no limits, we are happy to collaborate by putting our ideas together. Breathe life into the wood the thoughts and images you have in mind, no matter how challenging your interior design journey may be.

The hand carving styles, wood type (mahogany, ebony, mongongo, eucalyptus, etc.) and piece sizes are a realm waiting to be explored both from scratch and through our existing range of products, because we don’t rule out the possibility that you might find something we already have that you’ve been looking for a long time: armchairs, coffee tables, decorative coffee tables, mirror frames, statuettes, dining tables, etc.

Our gallery is fluid as we are always working on new and unique art projects and also because we are waiting for you with your ideas for luxury art that is both precious and functional.