Venda Art mission

From the very beginning, Venda Art’s mission has been shaped by a set of values and principles that are reflected in each of Venda Art’s creations. And these have determined the vision for the future and how they will be created in the long term. 

We’ve talked about each aspect here, to ensure that the message Venda Art conveys to lovers of African tribal art is fully understood and embraced in all its complexity. 

The mission of Venda Art

We have made it our mission to promote traditional African art through premium, collectable, unique and living value products that are constantly growing. Or rather, through art objects that could even be compared to heritage objects, being bespoke pieces, luxury or decorative furniture. And they speak both as a whole and in every detail about African culture and the craftsmanship of indigenous African artists. 

That’s why we set out to make these works of art accessible worldwide, on behalf of those who create them, for those who appreciate them. 

Thus, with each unique piece, handmade from solid ebony or other hardwoods, with a design that combines African tribal style with utility and functionality, we speak about beauty, tradition, timelessness through refinement, good taste and quality.


The future is always connected to history and nature for us. We never aim for ‘quantity’, but ‘quality’, respecting the values we have set ourselves from the beginning. We want to keep traditional African art alive, to offer value through the uniqueness of each object and the possibility of customisation when requested. 

We also aim to innovate in design, especially through its utility and functionality, while preserving the traditional elements that define African style. 

This is why we will always respect the value of the materials we use, the craftsmanship of the artists and the rules of the communities they come from.  


The main values of the Venda Art brand are: uniqueness, quality and respect for art and nature and all these were defined by the founding artist – George, and George is the one who ensures that they are strictly respected. This is why the European and African artists who are and will be part of the Venda Art team share them and make them visible in every piece of furniture or decoration that comes out of their hands. 

Only in this way creativity, innovation and customisation will have sufficient space to manifest themselves, while preserving all the characteristics that define Venda Art. 

1. Uniqueness

Handcrafted using traditional woodworking tools, the art objects we offer are always unique. They are unique in the style in which they are created, in the way they combine beauty with utility, but above all in the fact that their craftsmanship is due exclusively to the human touch. 

The one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture and art we offer preserve the authenticity of traditional African art and have nothing to do with mass-produced pieces made with technology and machines. They are unique through their creators and the team’s vision, and every detail speaks of passion, work, time, skill, culture and respect for nature. 

That’s why, in the long term, we want to offer bespoke pieces worldwide that are fully appreciated for their intrinsic value. 

2. Quality

The main material we use to make our furniture and decorative objects is wood, which includes the most expensive wood in the world – ebony. 

As a species of hardwood tree, a hard and dense material that is extremely durable over time, it is the first confirmation of quality. 

But even when we don’t use ebony, the quality comes from the process of turning the wood into a piece of art, the fine workmanship, the precision and meticulous finishing, all of which are essential aspects that define our products. Products that have their own life, their own pace of maturation and are designed to last for generations.

3. Respect for art and nature

From the very first piece of art we created, we have understood that it is a duty to respect African art and culture, obeying the traditions and laws of African tribal artists. That is why, no matter what type of wood we use, especially in the case of ebony, we go through the process of annual approval by the authorities of controlled and sustainable partnership, as well as the approval received from the tribes to which the artisans belong. 

We create sustainably and with care, because we believe that nothing can last into the future without respecting the nature and culture of the products we offer.