Long life acquisition

Whether it is hand-carved luxury furniture or decorative African art objects, caring for them requires nothing special. It does however, presuppose knowledge of what is appropriate in the caring for the wood.

Specifically, you should know that, regardless of size, from the smallest to the largest objects, being hand carved in solid wood, or in smaller parts that are later composited, all products must go through a controlled acclimatisation period. This involves constantly checking the characteristics of each piece, including the degree of humidity. It also requires a great deal of patience, which can last for a minimum of four weeks (massive objects can take 6-8 weeks).

This is the time that dense wood spends after travelling from Africa (where the environment is very dry) to Europe or the United States of America to adjust to the new environment.

Wood is known to be alive, even after cutting, and a general rule of wood is that it never stops working, and never stops being transformed. Sometimes there are situations where small cracks/fine deformations may appear on the surface.  They are not common, but as they are handmade objects made of wood, they sometimes can be present.

We therefore recommend that our pieces should not be placed in an environment with frequent and radical changes in temperature, nor in an environment with very high humidity (especially in the case of pieces that are not varnished). They should only be cleaned with special substances and materials suitable for cleaning and caring for wood. This would give the optimal care and maintenance of all the African tribal art forms that we create in our workshops.

This is important so you can enjoy your purchase for a long time and give yourself room to increase the value of your investment forever.