Exotic Hardwood

The African continent is very generous in the types of exotic hardwoods it offers, due to or in spite of its characteristic environmental conditions. Specifically, an environment of tropical heat, dry and drought, unpredictable in weather. However, it is the most suitable environment for growing large-diameter types of trees that are remarkable for their hardness, strength and appearance.
For the luxury furniture and decorative African sculptures we offer, carving is done by hand by our African carvers, using traditional tools, in the most popular and valuable hardwoods.
Whether the carving is in solid wood, in one piece, or in small parts that make up a complex whole, the materials we use are of the highest quality, valuable even in their raw state. Of these, we have most frequently used: ebony, mongongo and mahogany, and in the future, we want to offer in the following collections luxury furniture pieces and African tribal art objects carved in mango, mpingo or eucalyptus wood.
Because we are always open to new creative concepts that meet all the values we believe in and the high-quality standard we offer.