One of the most valuable types of wood in the world is ebony, an exotic hardwood species that is densely textured, very hard and very durable. It is dark – almost black and has a huge range of uses for its special properties. But whatever form it takes, it falls into the ‘luxury’ category.
In the case of Venda Art products, ebony is the material we used to create the bespoke, hand-carved, whole African art pieces. The African decorative carvings, the decorative side tables, the lamps are made of ebony, because we wanted to offer bespoke pieces of African design made in one piece.
So, luxury furniture, hand carved from ebony in one piece, is represented in our collections by side table pieces, because ebony is not so large in diameter that it allows the carving of extremely grandiose objects in one piece.
That’s why the trio of bespoke African art objects we offer are more like jewels of fine, exquisite and authentically African furniture.