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In the case of the style of African wood carving called Animals, it is not named after the tribe to which the artists who know the craft belong. The artisans, can belong to any tribe, Makonde, Maasai, Zanzibar etc., but they specialise in creating African tribal art in which the basic elements are animals.
It is also a style of solid wood carving, one-piece, 3D – in the depth of the piece of wood also made with great attention to detail, as defined by the human figures of the Maasai and Makonde styles. But the elements are exclusive scenes from wildlife, not tribal life.
African sculpture is enriched by the Animals style through the challenges of artists accurately portraying savannah animals and telling fables or exposing myths with their help. The refinement of the woodwork is equally visible in any of the art objects made, whether they are pieces of luxury furniture or one-off decorative sculptures. And lovers of African art and animals alike can say they are truly delighted by this style of authentic African carving.