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The collection of hand-carved African wooden statues is a luxury in itself, which is aimed at lovers of
refinement first. Then, to those who appreciate African tribal art and vibrate at every element that
represents it.
The sculptures are bespoke pieces of art in the Makonde style, which is also the name of the tribe to
which our talented African sculptors belong. The statues are made of dense wood – ebony, in one
piece, using only traditional tools. These tools, in the skilful hands of our craftsmen, transform the
wood, step by step, into unique decorative pieces, in a long and arduous but immensely rewarding
creative process.
The African wooden statues are cultural story threads with scenes of savannah life in the tribe, told
with originality, with unique and modern design, thanks to the British influence in our team of
artists. And in the right place, they are the main point of interest for anyone who respects such a
unique piece of art.