MAKONDE coffee table carved in the Makonde style, in one piece mongongo wood

The process by which a piece of mongongo log becomes a coffee table that is a piece of luxury furniture is extremely time consuming and laborious. And the result is always different, even if the creative artist is the same. It is hand-crafted art, with traditional utensils, that appears to tell a story from the Makonde tribe, always a different one, written by the artist’s inspiration.

That’s why this Makonde coffee table is also unique and unrepeatable – a true piece of African art, suitable in any setting where it is showcased.

Whichever way you look at it, even through the glass, it successfully fulfils the dual mission for which it was created: to impress and to be useful.

Strong short reasons to have it:

  • Unique piece of furniture
  • Unique concept
  • Modern design: mix of African art and British/European design
  • High quality
  • Fine details expressing elements and scenes from African tribal life
  • Long-term investment

About the artwork:

  • Wood: mongongo (one piece)
  • Artist: Casimilu Danieli
  • Team involved: 3 members
  • Completion time: over 3 months
  • Carving style: Makonde
  • Flat surface: glass
  • Height: 57 cm
  • Diameter: 67 cm
  • Weight: 12,4 Kg

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