Small handmade decorative Makonde style one-piece ebony sculpture

When it comes to statues or decorative carvings, the first and most important step in the creation process is the choice of wood. It is the wood that dictates the shape and approximate dimensions of the piece of jewellery that will emerge from the hands of the African sculptor.

That’s what happened here, and the whole piece of ebony – one of the most precious types of wood in the world – became a genuine piece of African tribal art, hand-carved in the Makonde style.

This style is defined by the life of the man and his relationships within the tribe, and the harmony in life is found in the harmony of the carved forms and elements, no matter from which angle they are viewed.

And regardless of the space in which they are placed to be admired and appreciated by lovers of African-style beauty.

Strong short reasons to have it:

  • Unique piece of furniture
  • Unique concept
  • Special design: mix of African art and European/British design
  • High quality
  • Fine details expressing elements of tribal life
  • Long-term investment

About the artwork:

  • Wood: ebony (single piece)
  • Artist: Isiaka Deje
  • Team involved: 3 members
  • Completion time: over 3 months
  • Carving style: Makonde
  • Height: 60 cm
  • Diameter: 16 cm
  • Weight: 3 kg

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