Shambaa armchair, carved in Animals style, in mongongo wood, one piece

High-backed, stately like an imperial roost, with leather upholstery, the Shambaa armchair is a truly special piece of luxury furniture. It is carved by our African artist Useni Wilisoni in the Animals style, expressing a scene from savannah life.

The elegance of the animals’ movements, the mystery and the wildness are found in every carved inch and nothing is repetitive. Dynamism is seen in concrete scenes where we see a crocodile chasing a buffalo (on one leg of the armchair), and the waiting before the attack of the lion or the puma (arms of the armchair).

All in perfect harmony, becoming an object of art and a fully functional piece of luxury furniture at the same time. To be admired and used with respect and joy, for a long time.

Strong short reasons to have it:

  • Unique piece of furniture
  • Unique concept
  • Special design: mix of African art and European/British design
  • High quality
  • Fine details expressing elements of wildlife, savannah life
  • Long-term investment

About the artwork:

  • Wood: mongongo (single piece)
  • Artist: Useni Wilisoni
  • Team involved: 6 members
  • Time to completion: over 12 months
  • Sculpture style: Animals
  • Upholstery: yes
  • High backrest
  • Height: 164 cm
  • Width: 75 cm
  • Weight: 60 kg

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